Campaigns with minority representation are better at identifying and fighting for the needs of under-served and over-looked voters.

The National Association of Minority Political Consultants…Connecting Campaigns and Consultants.



The NAMPC believes and upholds all principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe in the inalienable rights of every human to have a life of justice, equality, peace, and security. Furthermore, we believe systemic oppression, cultural biases, and racism can be overcome only when courageous political campaigns and candidates include the expertise and influence of minority political consultants.

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A rich range of differences and backgrounds including: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, culture, religious or ethical values system, and political beliefs.

The National Association of Minority Political Consultants (NAMPC) connects campaigns and consultants.

We create diverse political powerhouse teams that deliver electoral success across the nation.

We help elect candidates and further the causes of campaigns that are committed to fighting for the justice, equality, peace, and security of under-served and over-looked voters.