Minority Political Consultant (MPC) Certification Application



  1. Gather the required documents to complete the Certification Application (see below).

  2. Complete the form below.

  3. Upload the required documentation by clicking the pink “upload” button below. (Will open to a different screen).

  4. Once all required documents have been uploaded, return to this screen.

  5. Click the APPLY button.

  6. Your submission will be reviewed for completion and accuracy. When all items have been verified, you will receive an email from Connect@MinorityConsulting.org with (a) directions for submitting the certification application fee of $150 (b) directions for scheduling the Certification Panel interview.

MPC National Certification

national application

Name of Applicant *
Name of Applicant
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Who makes the day-to-day decisions? Who is authorized to bind the firm to contracts and agreements? Who oversees operations? Who is responsible for payroll expense?

required documents

  • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaws and Amendments (attested by Board Members), if applicable

  • All agreement(s) and hiring contracts pertaining to ownership, funding, operation, and control of the business

  • Business cards and resume(s) for all founder/owner(s) and key leadership

  • Organizational chart

  • List of political consulting services your firm currently provides

  • Completed and notarized Minority Declaration Statement (see “MPC Certification Application” email)

  • Copy of driver’s licenses and proof of US Citizenship (Birth certificates or U.S. Passports only) for all founder/owner(s) and key leadership

  • Copy of bank signature authorization form or a letter signed by a bank official indicating who has authority to sign checks on the business account

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Once certified, the NAMPC works on your behalf to advance your political consulting opportunities. We aggressively place certified MPCs for campaigns and professional staffing; with strong emphasis on campaigns required or committed to minority participation goals.