Through the NAMPC’s comprehensive certification program, political campaigns seeking to increase diversity can be connected with trusted minority consulting firms.

Our thorough certification process exceeds the standards of other entities that rely on self-certification. Your collaboration with the NAMPC provides quality assurance for your commitment to diversity while also making a positive impact on voters.

NAMPC consultants specialize in the following industries and roles:


  • Campaign Management

  • Digital Marketing & Strategy

  • Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Multicultural Marketing

  • Operations - Administrative

  • Operations - Field

  • Social Media

  • Speech/Messaging/Writing

  • Strategy


  • Regional Campaign Manager, Campaign Director, Campaign Manager

  • Digital Strategist, Content Creator

  • Finance Director, Treasurer, Chief of Staff

  • Fundraising Consultant, Fundraising Manager

  • Field Director - national, regional, local

  • Multicultural Voter Translator; Print Vendor

  • Social Media Strategist, Content Creator

  • Speech Writer, Communications Director, Advisor

  • Senior Strategist, Political Strategist, Political Advisor

To be connected with a Certified Minority Political Consultant, complete the Connection Interest form below. After an initial review of your interest, we will contact you to further clarify your campaign needs.

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