With certification as a Minority Political Consultant (MPC), your consulting firm will be recognized as a bona fide minority-owned/traditionally disadvantaged-owned firm. Through this trusted credential, your firm will not be limited to state-specific minority credentials; and you will increase your firm’s nation-wide minority contract eligibility and competitiveness.

As a certified member, the NAMPC works on your behalf to advance your political consulting opportunities. We collaborate with campaigns interested in developing diverse political teams, then connect you with them based on your mutual needs, party affiliation, personality dynamics, and budget.

If you are interested in national certification as a Minority Political Consultant, complete the MPC Initial Screening below.

Certification/Membership benefits

  • National certification as a Minority Political Consultant

  • Preferential consideration from political partners seeking to expand diversity hiring

  • Access to influential campaigns, candidates, and political events

  • “Recruiter-style” support and placements on current political campaigns and initiatives

  • Exclusive (not advertised on list-serves) invitations for Request for Proposals, business leads, and procurement opportunities

  • Inclusion in and access to NAMPC’s national directory of certified MPCs

  • Invitations to and VIP seating for networking and NAMPC-sponsored events

  • Preferred access to business enhancement services and programs (free for Certified Consultants)

  • Opportunity for Member Spotlight on NAMPC website and social media


CERTIFICATION & Connection Process


  1. Complete the MPC Initial Screening below.

  2. Applicants who meet NAMPC’s initial qualifying criteria will be invited to submit a Certification Application and complete a panel interview.

  3. The NAMPC Certification Panel meets regularly to review MPC Certification Applications.

  4. Applicants who pass the rigorous, standardized review are approved for MPC certification and NAMPC membership.

  5. Upon membership enrollment, each Member completes a confidential psychological personality assessment. This additional step helps ensure the highest quality, most compatible, and most enjoyable Campaign-Consultant connections.


  1. A Political committee or candidate [Client] contacts NAMPC for a Consultant connection.

  2. Based upon the Client’s Campaign needs or specifications, NAMPC will provide a list of at least three (3) vetted best-match, MPC-certified Consultants for each position.

  3. The Client interviews the best-match Consultants and makes the hiring/contracting decision.

  4. If needed, the NAMPC will partner with the Campaign client for Consultant contract offers. All negotiations are non-biased and focused on the mutual benefit of both the Campaign and Consultant. The NAMPC does not receive a percentage or finder’s fee for any Consultant hires/selections. Likewise, we do not accept payments or incentives from Consultants for Campaign matches.

Minority Political Consultant (MPC) Certification


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If needed, can you provide references from elected officials OR past campaigns?
Party Preference *
Indicate if you have a political party preference for a Consultant.
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application Fee

Applicants who meet NAMPC’s initial qualifying criteria will be invited to submit an MPC Certification Application.

For the 2019-2020 election cycle, the application fee is $150*.

The application also fulfills the NAMPC bi-annual membership dues (through 12/31/20).

*financing option available