We aggressively place a diverse range of certified consultants on forward-thinking political campaigns that are committed to increasing minority representation; and fighting for under-served and over-looked voters.

The National Association of Minority Political Consultants…Connecting Campaigns and Consultants.


national certifying body of minority political consultants

Since 2015, their has been an increased demand for political parties, organizations, leaders, and campaigns to increase the diversity of their professional staff. More than ever, lack of minority representation has negatively impacted the public’s perception and support of elected officials and candidates that do not value diversity.

As the only national certifying body of minority political consultants, political entities committed to diversity have a trusted source for providing minority consultants with equitable procurement and contracting opportunities.



The NAMPC helps elect candidates and furthers the causes of campaigns committed to fighting for the justice, equality, peace, and security of under-served and over-looked voters.

Through our comprehensive certification program, we help candidates reliably achieve diversity in staffing; and help minority consultants expand business opportunities.

We create diverse political powerhouse teams that deliver electoral success across the nation.

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A rich range of differences and backgrounds including: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, culture, religious or ethical values system, and political beliefs.