YOU are not a charity. WE are not a charitable organization. We are ONE.

The NAMPC understands that at least 40% of America’s hard working, tax-paying families are one paycheck away from poverty. One serious medical illness away from bankruptcy. One unexpected repair away from being able to pay mortgage or rent this month.

Because of this, we are committed to advancing the prosperity of all. This means helping our neighbors when they are in need.

When hard times hit, working persons are usually not eligible for State assistance or emergency grants. This catch-22 leaves many individuals and families unable to afford basic needs and puts them further behind in their bills, unable to afford groceries; and at-risk for eviction, car repossession, or bankruptcy.

Through ONE closet, you can help individuals who are experiencing financial hardship be able to still eat, have clothes to wear, and be able to go to work. Your sharing will help a job applicant make a professional first impression for an interview, will give a homeless person clean clothes, help a mom afford clothes for her family, help a dad be able to afford a toy for his child’s birthday, or give an abuse survivor resources to establish independence. In all cases, your sharing will help a neighbor overcome a financial hardship.

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