Our Purpose


It is the purpose of the NAMPC to aggressively place a diverse range of certified consultants on forward-thinking political campaigns committed to increasing minority representation and fighting for under-served and over-looked voters.

Through our comprehensive national certification program, we help political entities reliably achieve diversity in professional staffing and procurement; and help minority consultants expand business opportunities.

We recognize that “minority” is more than race or gender; and we are committed to the electoral success of political efforts and campaigns that invest in diversity and minority representation.

What we do

The NAMPC is a non-partisan national association of certified diverse, minority political consultants.

  1. We are the only national organization providing certification for minority political consultants (MPCs) throughout the country;

  2. We provide political entities a trusted source for connecting with highly-qualified, genuinely minority-owned and operated political consulting firms;

  3. We provide minority political consultants with equitable opportunities to advance their business success; and

  4. We connect Campaigns with vetted Certified Consultants to meet their political needs and increase their electoral success.

  5. We create powerhouse political teams that fight for the under-served and over-looked voter.


Do you want to be connected?

I am a…


how we do it

Minority political consultants from across the country apply for national certification.

Through a standardized application process, applicants complete:

  • an initial screening

  • a verification of achievements and expertise

  • a rigorous verification of minority ownership and operation

  • a relatability interview

  • psychological personality assessment to ensure the best personality matches

Campaigns and Candidates for current or upcoming elections:

  • express/complete a Connection Interest

  • consult with a Connection Advisor to clarify consulting needs

  • {individual candidates complete a brief assessment to ensure the best personality matches}

  • receive multiple screened and vetted campaign-consultant connections

  • interview and make hiring decisions for connected Certified MPCs

We Connect Campaigns and Consultants based on mutual needs, party affiliation, compatible personalities, and budget.

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