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currently collecting for our

2019 Fall/Winter Collection 


Add to our 2019 Fall/Winter Collection! Share your new or gently used apparel, accessories, coats, or shoes; for men, women, or children.

Also consider:

  • Gently used bras

  • Jackets, coats

  • New underwear, new socks

  • School clothes and shoes

  • Suits or separates for job interviews and workplace clothing

  • Ties and (new) dress socks

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Other necessities:

  • Baby toiletries and diapers - unopened, original seal

  • Feminine products - unopened, original seal

  • Gas gift cards

  • Grocery gift cards

  • Pantyhose, purses, workplace jewelry

  • Padfolios, notebooks, pens, etc. - for interviews

  • Pillow cases, bedding sheets

  • Toothpaste, toothbrushes (especially for children)

  • Toys (especially for Christmas)

“Marketing & Sharing” Donations. All administrative and marketing costs are donated by the NAMPC. If you would like to help us reach more people, consider making a “Marketing & Sharing” donation of any amount!

This includes:

  • Boxes, labels, and shipping tape to mail shared items

  • Dry cleaning of shared items; Laundering costs

  • ONE closet website maintenance and online shopping cart fees

  • Photography of shared items

  • Shipping costs


Sharing Guidelines

  • For gently-used clothing, all items must be washed/clean.

  • For new/unused items, please keep in original packaging or with tags attached, whenever possible.

  • Do not share items that are damaged, dirty, torn, stained, or worn-out.

  • Do not share items that include offensive or derogatory text or images.

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Sharing Suggestions

  • Share ONE item from your personal closet.

  • Share items from any season.

  • Share items that are on sale where you shop.

  • Share any item you think a neighbor or friend would like to wear, use, or have.

  • Share a full outfit – from head-to-toe!

  • Share items you did not wear or use since this time last year.

  • Share a designer item as an excuse to buy a new piece!

  • Share something that will make someone smile or feel confident.